Tilted Barn Pet Co. helps you feel good about the food and treats you buy your dog. Shop local, support Canadian women in business, and feed your dog the best!

Consumers are increasingly discerning about where and how they spend their dollars. In recent years, shopping local has become more important, as has supporting women in business. And what if we told you that you were supporting local Canadian women every time you bought your dog’s favourite treats?

Tilted Barn Pet Co. is a 100% Canadian business that’s fully owned and mostly operated by women! Doing more with your dollars just got easier.

Shop Local to Support Local

Shopping local is important. Not only because it supports the businesses you buy from, but it also supports everybody involved. When you buy Tilted Barn Pet Co. treats and fully cooked foods, your money is helping:

  • Local individuals and families that you may know
  • Farmers who provide the ingredients
  • Community programs
  • Municipal government services
  • Animal shelters that rely on community donations

Plus, shopping local is better for the environment because products don’t have to travel as far to get to your door.

Support Women-Owned Businesses to Fuel the Economy

As Canadians, we know how important it is to shop local, but we go a step beyond. More and more consumers are using their dollars to support local women entrepreneurs and women-owned businesses.

Only 17.5% of the private businesses in Canada are majority-owned by women. Despite making up a small portion of business ownership, women who run companies like Tilted Barn Pet Co. drive innovation, create productive workspaces where employees thrive, pay their employees better wages, and create more jobs.

Just by buying the right dog treats, you can support the women who help sustain the Canadian economy and local communities! Your neighbours will thank you—and so will your dog!

Meet the Canadian Women of Tilted Barn Pet Co!

We guarantee your dog is already begging you to head out to the store to buy some Tilted Barn Pet Co. treats right now! And as if that wasn’t a good enough reason, here are two more: Tilted Barn Pet Co. is a local Canadian company that’s women-owned and majority women-operated.

They source their all-natural ingredients right here in Canada too! That means every time you buy your pup their favourite treats, you’re supporting your economy, your farmers, your communities, and your fellow-Canadian women. Who knew that buying dog treats could have such an impact!

But wait—it gets even better! Tilted Barn Pet Co. treats are wholesome, healthy, and made with 100% Canadian ingredients. They come in three great recipes with different proteins: beef, Canadian bacon, and lamb. They’re delicious for dogs and irresistible for discerning consumers who want to keep their dollars local, support women entrepreneurs in Canada, and buy the best-quality foods and treats for their dogs.

Visit Tilted Barn Pet Co. today to learn more or to stock up on your dog’s favourite treats!


By: Canadian Dogs