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Frequently Asked Questions

How many treats do you recommend giving my dog?

Well…how good was your dog? (just kidding!) We all love to see our dogs happy and we know Farm Fresh Beef Treats and Canadian Bacon Treats do that, but we do need to be conscientious about how many treats we are giving them. Even though our treats are made with real meat and high-quality ingredients they are not nutritionally complete; in other words, your dog need more vitamins and minerals than they provide. Veterinarian’s generally recommend 10% or less of a dog’s daily calorie requirements should come from treats, the rest should be from their food. Each Farm Fresh stick is about 20 calories. If you are using our treats for training purposes, we recommend you cut the sticks into small high reward pieces.

Just like each of us, individual dogs’ metabolism is different and so you need to watch your dog and pay attention to their overall weight and health.

If you want to dig a little deeper here is a link that can help you.

What if I leave the treats out overnight?

If left out overnight, the treats will be fine. The recommendation to refrigerate the treats after opening is to maintain freshness, like bread. The treats will not “go bad”, turn sour, or rancid like milk or a deli meat. If left out for a couple of days without the zipper top closed the treats may turn hard; if they are left out longer, they may mold. If the conditions where the treats are kept are hot and humid they will mold faster, we wouldn’t recommend leaving them for instance, on the seat of a hot car. On occasion you may see mold on a package you keep in the fridge please let us know, we will check the batch information on the package and will replace your treats.

Why do you use garlic? Is it safe?

Like many aspects of human and pet diets, the key is moderation. We use small amounts of garlic powder in our recipes. Working with an animal nutritionist when developing our recipes and the anti-microbial, anti-fungal, and anti-bacterial benefits of garlic outweighed the potential risks. The risk to dogs who ingest high amounts of garlic is anemia. Data from scientific studies shows that to reach lowest the lowest level of potential toxicity of garlic in our treats, a dog would have to eat 1,000 sticks per kg of weight.

Are your treats non-GMO?

You bet! Since none of the ingredients in our treats are genetically modified, there is nothing about them that is genetically altered.

Where are your treats made?

Our treats are made in the Canadian Prairies with fresh Canadian grown ingredients.

Why do your treats contain brown sugar?

As we do not use an artificial casing to hold the sticks together, we use brown sugar to hold the treats in a soft stick form. Through the cooking process the sugar melts and as it cools it hangs onto everything around it – kind of like an oatmeal cookie. =)

Why do your treats contain honey?

One of the properties of honey is that it is hydrophilic – which means it binds to water molecules. This reduces the water activity allowing us to avoid the use of chemical preservatives and inhibits mold growth.

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