Farm Fresh Pet Foods is re-branding our current line of products as The Tilted Barn Pet Company in the Summer of 2022!!


The Farm Fresh Team is SO excited for this refresh!

Absolutely nothing else is changing, we promise! It is solely a name change. Farm Fresh Pet Foods is such a good name that we ran into another company south of the border in Florida with it. The other company was first to market so making a change is just the right thing to do. As our market has expanded and with ever-expanding social media reach there are complications with having the same name. It can be confusing to customers, vendors, and suppliers.

The change from Farm Fresh Pet Foods had to be something that represented us and the brand we love. The Canadian prairies are close to our hearts, itสผs where we live and where we source most of our ingredients. There is something a little different about a tilted barn, itสผs off kilter yet familiar and soothing to the soul. Typically standing alone in the field, it reminds us of hard labour and tenacity. It has withstood decades of trials, successes, celebrations, and a battering of weather. A tilted barn is a Canadian Prairie beacon. Kim and Nicole feel, and we hope you do too, that the tilted barn illustrates our companyสผs authenticity, openness, determination, friendliness and expectation to always provide excellent customer service and
high-quality products!

Through social media and in-store print announcements, our plan is to support to our retail partners during this transition to make it as smooth as possible. If you have any questions or have ideas for ways we can best support you through this change, please let us know. We are happy to help!

“We want to make it very clear to everyone, our customers and retail partners – It is only a name change! There is no change in ownership. Same great Canadian treats with a fresh new look!